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Banking the way it should be!
Patriot Bank
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With superior service and convenient options, we make banking the easiest part of your day. It's banking the way it should be!

Debit/ATM Card

It’s faster than writing a check, and safer than carrying cash - use your debit card at any ATM location, or to make purchases! Money is debited directly from your checking account and each transaction is shown on your monthly statement.

Look for the Privileged Status® logo on any ATM - and pay no transaction fees!

ATM Machines Placed at Your Location ®

Photo Debit Card

Enjoy all the benefits of the debit card with additional features to protect you from identity theft and fraud! Your picture and signature are right on the front of the card - and you can use it as another form of photo ID!

Telephone Banking

Try our free phone banking, 24 hours a day! Just call 1-877-patbank. You can check your balances, transfer money, see if a check has cleared, and more - anytime, anywhere!

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Handle many of your routine financial transactions from the comfort of your own computer! You can access your accounts when it's convenient for you - anytime, day or night! Check your balances, look at your account history, view your statements and images.

Pay your bills online - from the comfort of your computer - in just minutes! There are no stamps, no checks, and no hassles!

Benefits Include:

  • One-time or repeating payments can be set up for whatever amount you choose. Make loan and mortgage payments, process your transactions, and never worry about late fees!
  • Schedule payments for a specific date, whether it is weekly, every two weeks, or monthly - whichever is most convenient for you!
  • Online bill pay is fast, convenient and secure. We've taken all the steps necessary to help keep your personal information safe.

With Patriot Bank, you'll also enjoy …

  • Image statements!
  • Direct deposit!
  • Overdraft protection!*
  • Night deposit box!
  • Extended business hours on Fridays!
  • Traveler's checks!
  • After-hours appointments with loan officers to fit your busy schedule!

*Subject to credit approval.



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