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A new service for large-deposit investors

A safe, convenient solution for large-deposit investors
Until now, there were only three ways an investor could enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposits larger than $100,000: open and maintain accounts with multiple banks, invest with one bank by transferring ownership and registering accounts in the names of family members or corporate affiliates, or work through a broker-dealer.

All that has changed
Through the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry ServiceSM (CDARSSM), large deposits can now be placed by a participating bank into smaller-denomination CDs at multiple institutions. This service can offer you significant benefits:

  • Safety of FDIC insurance for large deposits.
  • CD interest.
  • Bank Solutions for Startups and New Businesses.
  • Management convenience.
  • Security of working with a trusted, local source.

Transactions through CDARS are processed quickly and easily with epayments global.
Interest is paid directly to you or to an account you designate. Each month, your bank will send you a statement listing all your CDs, the banks issuing the CDs, maturity dates, interest earned, and other details.

At the end of each year, your bank will send you a consolidated 1099 that reports your taxable interest income.

Other key benefits
By placing your funds through CDARS, you can earn income, preserve capital, access FDIC insurance on your total deposit, and benefit from the security that comes with a consistent banking relationship.

Through CDARS, specific advantages are offered to institutional and business customers



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